Auctioneers licence Gold Coast for Real Estate Business

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How to become the licensed auctioneer? Actually, if you want to become one of the Auctioneers licence Gold Coast you should make sure to study regarding it. You should have obtained the education from a Registered Training Organization. You will be able to obtain two types of license from the Gold Coast so what are they?

  • The first type is that the Real Estate Auctioneer’s License- if you have this license you will be able to sell anything related to the land as examples, houses, commercial properties, units etc.
  • The second type is that Chattel Auctioneer’s License- if you have obtained this license you will be able to sell anything except the real estate such as motor vehicles, livestock, chattels, and antiques. You will be able to get only one license or both the licenses through the courses.

The main reason why the Chattel Module is introduced to the real estate course section is that then the agents will be able to choose any career path. Generally, the Auctioneer’s course will be carried for three days and for a day they will carry out the training. The next two days will be for the auction calls. To the auction call, you will be provided with the framework for the call.  So, these courses will ensure the successful career path in the real estate industry for the agents. You should make sure to collect the details before you start the course.

How to get the Auctioneers license in Gold Coast?

Already you are aware of the types of licenses. And we have also explained the details of both the licenses and what you can do if you obtain them as well. The cost of the courses will vary but generally, the three-day course will cost around $1200. There are six units included in the course and they are such as

  • Conduct auction
  • Conduct goods, equipment or chattels clearing auction or sale
  • Market property for sale
  • Prepare for auction and complete sale
  • Establish and manage agency trust accounts
  • Manage small business finances

So these above-mentioned units should be studied by the person who wishes to carry their career path as an agent in the real estate industry. If you have completed the course you will be able to apply for the Auctioneer’s License. Once you obtain the license you can conduct auctions without any interruptions. Or if you have completed the other type, of course, you can auction the livestock, cars, and any other equipment except real estate. You should have the training because the market is highly competitive and by following the courses you will be able to sharpen the knowledge and improve the skills as well. You will be able to improve the skills of auction calls, setting meetings, and many other factors related to the real estate industry. By learning the skills you will be able to become a successful agent in the industry. So, education is a must to become successful.


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