About Us

Bangla Prosar Committee was formed in 1999, with a view primarily to establish Bangla as a LOTE subject in New South Wales, Australia. This would allow students of Bangla speaking parents to learn their mothertongue effectively, by taking it as a subject for HSC. The Committee has since worked towards this goal, however the process of getting approval for Bangla as a LOTE subject from the NSW Board of Studies (BDS) has proven long and difficult. The task needed a lot of lobbying of the BDS officials, principals of local high schools, Government ministers and MP’s. It also included development of curriculum in line with the recommendation of BDS, so that students of all LOTE subjects have uniform levels of difficulty and rewards. The Committee is actively pursuing these tasks.

Do You Know That: 

  • Bangla is an accredited subject in the NSW Education System for years 7 to 10?
  • Your child can now study Bangla at High School just like any other language?

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