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Welcome, we – Bangla Proshar Committee – plan to make this site a veritable source of information and enjoyment for Bengali speaking people of the world, especially who are living in Australia.

Our emphasis will always be on the next generation as the Bangla Proshar Committee’s raison d’etre is to ensure that Bengali is available as a language to learn so that they have options to explore the vast amount of splendid literary, musical and cinematic contents that already exists in Bangla.

Seven things you ought to know about Bangla:

  • Bangla (or Bengali) is the official language of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India.
  • About 220 million people in Bangladesh and India speak Bangla as their mother tongue and are known as Bengalis which makes Bangla the fifth most widely spoken language in the world
  • The world marks 21st February each year as the International Mother Language Day as a recognition of Bengali people’s strife to retain Bangla as the official language of the-then East Pakistan that culminated into a bloody confrontation on 21st February, 1952.
  • Bangla has its roots in Sanskrit, a now-extinct language that is the precursor of all Indic languages.
  • There are 12 vowels and 40 consonants in Bangla.
  • Rabindranath Tagore, the great Bengali poet, was awarded Nobel prize in literature as far back as in 1913, becoming the first recipient of the prize outside Europe and North America.
  • Satyajit Ray, the award winning filmmaker, made all his movies in Bangla.

Take The Stress Out Of commercial roof repairs in Sydney

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Whether you have a simple roofing task around your home or a big project coming up, it is important that you incorporate the services of commercial roof repairs. They have the necessary skills required in handling the task and ensure that the whole project is taken care of within limited time possible. But it is also important to take note of some key traits when looking for the commercial roof repairs in Sydney that will handle the job for you. Apart from them being experienced in the field, they should also possess some other unique traits. This will ensure that the job is handled within instructions given by the clients and the whole project becomes a success. Here are some of the qualities you should check out in the roofing company

Good communication is very important when you are having a roof replacement. If there is miscommunication at some point, the work may not be handled as expected. You therefore need to communicate prior to the project, explain to them how you want the work to be done and reach an agreement.


Roof replacement can be a time consuming processes and the professionals involved have to be patient enough. Working in a hurry can make the process more complicated and can never guarantee quality. You also need to get details from the contractor on how the work will be done and time taken to complete the project before starting out.


In whatever kind of job you have around you home, it is important to look for a person who can be trusted. This is because the roof replacement process will take place within your hone and you wouldn’t want to have dishonest people around. To achieve this, you need to find out what their past customer review has to say about them. If they are trusted individuals, you can always be comfortable working with them around your property


They have to analyze the process and estimate the time taken for the project to be completed. They also have to be consistent when doing their work. This will ensure that the job is done within limited time to give you enough space to handle other important duties.


No one would want to work with people who are not organized in what they do so before spending on the m, it is important to make sure that they are organized. First of all, their work has to be based on a detailed proposal. This will list the work that has to be done, all the material needed and maximum time which they expect to complete the work.


They should also be flexible enough to fit in your schedule any time you need them. This is because you may have other duties to attend to which may force you to postpone the roofing proves. You should therefore ensure that they can fit in your daily schedule.

Eastrenchless Pipe Relining Info For Bangla Schools

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              Trenchless pipe relining info is one of the most amazing pipe repairing techniques we have today. There are many pipe repairing techniques, but this technique has some advantages that surpass them all. This technique can fix a pipe without needing to replace it. This has many advantages over the previous techniques. First of all, this is cost effective. Since the pipe need not be replaced, the cost of the new pipe is saved. The only cost here is the trenchless pipe that will go inside. Secondly, this is environment-friendly. The pipe that goes inside is biodegradable, which means that the pipe will decompose all by itself, no processing or extra efforts are required after the pipe is rendered useless. The pipes are durable, which means once patched, the patches will work for around 30 years. They require minimum labour. The technique is designed in such a way that a very little or no digging is required at all, this causes the cost of labour to go down. The same reason also makes it very easy to implement. With all these factors, there are many companies that are providing these solutions at an affordable price.


            Every company has come up with their innovative variation on the same technique. Some companies use the Perma-Liner Sectional Point Repair System This is one of the most effective techniques as they guarantee a more durable and lasting solution. This technique and all the other techniques that fall under similar domain are kept under one heading of CIPP. CIPP stands for Cured in Place Pipe, which is exactly what these techniques do. In order to serve a wide range of pipes, these companies have kept liners of a wide range of sizes. Some pipes are as small in diameter as 2” whereas some are as large a 102”. There are also many system bridges. These bridges need seal open joints and inner liners. These pipes generally cover a diameter range of 6-54 inches. However, there are many incidences where exact size is not found and the nearest size is adjusted. They also need something called as a pipelining kit which covers a 2’ to 3’ in length. This gives the company to handle almost all types of drainage problems. From sewer pipe lining to drain pipelining, all the pipe sizes can be covered in these kits.


            The best part about them is they can support the pipe irrespective of the material of the pipe itself. They can support anything from cast iron pipes to wooden pipes to PVC Plastic Pipes. There are many standards that organise the quality of the material of the pipe. This ensures quality at all times by all the companies that provide the service. There is a specification F1216 CIPP. This specification ensures that the pipe has a long life. So due to the innumerable advantages provided by these techniques, they are much more favoured today whenever it comes to pipe fixing.

5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Modular Formwork For Building A School For Bangla Prosar Committee

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A school building needs the best quality and innovative formwork. Formwork, also known as shuttering is a kind of mold into which molten concrete is poured for hardening purpose. It can be used to make slab, beam, column and pillars in structures like school buildings. Broadly, these formworks can be divided into two groups:

  1. Conventional
  2. Modular

Following are some facts that you should know about Modular formworks:

Modular formwork are the latest innovation. Hence they have several qualities that makes them better product. Following are some reasons:

  1. The cost is lower than traditional timber formwork when the average is calculated.
  2. They are light weight and are easy to handle. How much easy to handle? The largest of the panels has a dimension of 120 x 60 cm and weighs 10.5 kilograms only. Thus you can save on crane cost. One strong workman can easily lift up and handle it. Onsite crane cost can be largely saved by using modular framework especially if the construction has to be executed on a moderate budget.
  3. Although light weight, these modular frameworks have a high pressure sustaining capacity. It can support more than a 40 cm wall. The usual material with which a modular framework is made is called PC-ABS this material is mixed proportionally with glass fibers. This incareses its strength multifold.
  4. They are easy to use. Each panel has special handles fitted to them. The handles just need to be turned 90 degree. There is no usage of nail. This makes them super easy and safe to handle.
  5. There are several varieties that can actually form any wall that has a dimension of the multiple of 5 cm. Following are size of the panels along with their respective weight:
  1. 120 x 60cm. These panels can be used to make large walls. Each of these can be used as a unit. It is the heaviest of all the modular panels with the weight of 10,5 kg as mentioned earlier.
  2. 25 x 60 cm with weight of 2.6 kg.
  3. 20 x 60 cm with weight of 2.2 kg.
  4. 10 x 60 cm with weight of 1.6 kg
  5. Inner corner of the dimension of 20 x 20 x 60 cm. It weighs 3.8 kg.
  6. Outer corner of the dimension of 10 x 5 x 60 cm. It has a weight of only 2 kg.  
  7. If one uses a variety of these panels, the constructor can actually form any sized wall or slabs.
  1. They are eco-friendly solutions because they are recyclable products and no wood or trees are being cut down in the manufacture of these innovative building equipment. The material when recycled do not emit any toxic materials.
  2. They are completely reusable.
  3. They can be constructed in a shorter time.


Thus Modular Formwork are the best choice for school building for Bangla Prosar Committee. 


How to Find Gynaecologist at Prince of Wales Private Hospital

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 Gynaecologist at Prince of Wales Private Hospital are all professionals. You can’t find someone like them. They are all qualified and one of a kind gynecologist. Each one of them are highly educated. Their expertise relates in taking care of women with previous reproductive or obstetric problems and those who have significant medical conditions that may affect their pregnancies.

There you can see their profiles. You can see how educated they are. Each one of them has a specialty and sub specialty. There, they listed their degree and schools on where they graduated. They also invested the years of experience they have. It says there that most of them had almost 20 years of experience. Rest assured that all of them are well tested and well trained. Through the years of their work they already encountered various problems on every patient they cared of. And they were able to manage to perform their duties without any casualties. Every gynecologist that worked on Prince of Wales private hospital has its own field of expertise. So you can assure that you will be entertained no matter what your problem is.

  • You can also ask your pregnant friend who were able to have a Gynecologist that came from Prince of Wales private hospital.

For sure they can tell you how great the experience they had under the doctors of PWPH They will tell you about the service and the hospitality of the PWPH staff. You can also ask them their opinion about the payment of the whole duration. In that case, you will have honest answers because they’re you friends.

  • You can also interview your Ob for you to know if he is really what you are looking for.

You can go to its office and have a one-on-one conversation to them. It is very important and you and your obstetrician are comfortable with each other so you will not be afraid to ask about your doubts and concern along the whole duration of pregnancy.If you don’t like the attitude of your obstetrician you are talking with, try to look for someone else that will suit you better. At least you can find a more suitable Ob for you and for your baby.

  • You can also check the Ob’s ratings, performance and qualifications.

You have to make sure that the Ob you are dealing with is a certified and have passed the qualifications of being a professional Obstetrician.You can check it in various sources like: the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American college of Obstetrician and Gynecologist, the American Gynecological and Obstetrician Society, the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics and etc. You also ask them to show proof of the past clients they have already worked with.

All gynecologists in PWPH have surely passed all the requirements you’ve been looking for. They are true to their work. And confidently they will lead you to the success of you pregnancy.

Auctioneers licence Gold Coast for Real Estate Business

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How to become the licensed auctioneer? Actually, if you want to become one of the Auctioneers licence Gold Coast you should make sure to study regarding it. You should have obtained the education from a Registered Training Organization. You will be able to obtain two types of license from the Gold Coast so what are they?

  • The first type is that the Real Estate Auctioneer’s License- if you have this license you will be able to sell anything related to the land as examples, houses, commercial properties, units etc.
  • The second type is that Chattel Auctioneer’s License- if you have obtained this license you will be able to sell anything except the real estate such as motor vehicles, livestock, chattels, and antiques. You will be able to get only one license or both the licenses through the courses.

The main reason why the Chattel Module is introduced to the real estate course section is that then the agents will be able to choose any career path. Generally, the Auctioneer’s course will be carried for three days and for a day they will carry out the training. The next two days will be for the auction calls. To the auction call, you will be provided with the framework for the call.  So, these courses will ensure the successful career path in the real estate industry for the agents. You should make sure to collect the details before you start the course.

How to get the Auctioneers license in Gold Coast?

Already you are aware of the types of licenses. And we have also explained the details of both the licenses and what you can do if you obtain them as well. The cost of the courses will vary but generally, the three-day course will cost around $1200. There are six units included in the course and they are such as

  • Conduct auction
  • Conduct goods, equipment or chattels clearing auction or sale
  • Market property for sale
  • Prepare for auction and complete sale
  • Establish and manage agency trust accounts
  • Manage small business finances

So these above-mentioned units should be studied by the person who wishes to carry their career path as an agent in the real estate industry. If you have completed the course you will be able to apply for the Auctioneer’s License. Once you obtain the license you can conduct auctions without any interruptions. Or if you have completed the other type, of course, you can auction the livestock, cars, and any other equipment except real estate. You should have the training because the market is highly competitive and by following the courses you will be able to sharpen the knowledge and improve the skills as well. You will be able to improve the skills of auction calls, setting meetings, and many other factors related to the real estate industry. By learning the skills you will be able to become a successful agent in the industry. So, education is a must to become successful.


The Best Online Marketing Techniques for your Patio Business

Brisbane Patio Builders
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If you are a constructor who is fond of adding space into homes, or making yours appear to be really attractive, and then you really have some knack when it comes to patio and furniture. You can use this as an advantage by putting up your own business.

There is nothing to worry because if you are only a beginner, you can always educate yourself by going through classes, and seminars that may work best for you. They are available everywhere, and so, you can take one prior on going to the venture. This is always the best!

Promoting your Patio Business Online

Today, to make improvements, and changes to most homes turned out to be a popular activity to many. As a matter of fact, this is really extremely popular now. This is even a possibility of building a new home eventually.

This industry is so profitable that it earns millions of dollars already. This is not surprising looking at the number of individuals who want to add something to their house. This is a way for them to raise the overall value of their property. This is also the answer towards functionality.

Once you have decided to finally embrace this kind of venture, there are tips that you have to be aware of so that you may succeed in the endeavor. These are some that you can do:

  • Discover the dynamics of the market. Meaning, you have to learn more about the patio industry. There is no marketing strategy, or tool which helps in succeeding if you do not know your audience. Prior to spending a buck then, it is important that you know who your target customers are. Do not shy away in sorting the market so that you can be fully aware of the product. However, if you are on a tight budget, you have to hire a research firm which is dubbed as a viable option.
  • Take advantage of social media. Internet marketing through social media would ask for patience, and persistence. This can be fruitful. If you are willing to embrace the whole venture, you may benefit from it for good. The idea is to carefully select social medial platforms which are meant for your prospective customers, and industry. These should interact with each other accordingly. When you are settled with the set-up of your accounts, you may start sharing contents. So read some!
  • Utilize search engine optimization. SEO is no longer a new concept to most business owners out there. This helps potential customers to end up with the right online business. While it is true that there are complicated SEOs, there are always strategies which may help in the improvement of ranking for major search engines. This should be the answer here.

These are just some of the online marketing strategies for Brisbane Patio Builders that you can make the most of. At the end of the day, it is really in knowing your endeavor that you become successful.

Dr. Rahul Sen is Able to Communicate and Cater OB-Gyne Service to Indo-Aryan People

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Gynecologists are physicians who are responsible for maintaining the health and wellbeing of the female reproductive system. Obstetricians are also doctors who provide medical care for pregnant women. Due to common similarities in both fields, gynecologists can be also obstetricians. In that case a doctor is known as OB/GYN. Women of all ages need to see an OB/GYN to ensure stability of their reproductive health. Even after menopause women shouldn’t stop seeing her physician to avoid late dedication of serious problems. Dr. Rahul Sen is one of Australia’s most prominent obstetrician/gynecologist.


  •  Important information about Dr. Sen

Dr. Sen is a specialist obstetrician and gynecologists. He is based at two of the most reputable hospitals in Australia; Prince of Wales Private Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Women. Dr. Sen has fully equipped consulting rooms in Edgecliff and Macquaire Street. Dr. Sen has been working as an OB/GYN for more than 20 years. With such an established career, Dr. Sen promises you dedicated care and high quality medical services. The doctor provides various medical services for his patients such as pregnancy follow-up appointments, Pelvic exams and birth control. In addition to the traditional OB/GYN services, Dr. Sen offers his patients many other special services. These services include midwife service, 3D scan and pregnancy diet plan. He is also capable of communicating and providing excellent OB-GYN services for Indo-Aryan People. In addition to his ability to listen and understand all his patients, the doctor has great knowledge of Indo-Aryan languages. Such abilities enable him to build a strong connection with them.

  • What to expect from Dr. Rahul Sen  

Dr. Sen has plenty of necessary medical services for all women. You are most welcome to see the doctor whether you are expecting a child or just seeking consult of a specialist gynecologist. If you are pregnant, you will definitely enjoy a healthy and happy experience. With Dr. Sen you can have all pregnancy related services that might come to your mind.

  • Remarkable services from Dr. Sen

 During pregnancy you will have continuous and ultimate care. Following up with Dr. Sen can make you have guidance and support through your pregnancy by his midwife services. His team includes skilled and highly trained midwives to provide extra support at this sensitive time. The best thing about this service is that it does not stop after birth. If you like the midwife service, you can get more of it during your first weeks at home. Proper nutrition is a very critical matter for pregnant women or even women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. In order to provide beneficial diet plans for pregnant women, the doctor works with a team of top notch dietitians. Working with the doctor and his dietitian team will provide a perfect plan for healthy and necessary weight gain during pregnancy. The team will also help other patients organize their diet plans. Other conditions include diabetes and PCOS syndrome. All pregnant women will be extremely excited to see the face of their unborn babies. Dr. Sin will give them this chance with his 3D scan service.        


Building Supplies Services for School Building Constructions

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There are many factors that you can consider when it comes to getting supply services for your construction. The construction process of any building, whether it’s a school building, business center or just a home, is a long process and can be quite challenging.  It requires proper input and strong communication from all parties concerned, including the management, suppliers and even the workers on the ground.

One important aspect of construction is to decide on the type of materials to use. Here are the guidelines that can help you select the best products from good suppliers that will result in beautiful and long lasting facilities.

What is the structure of the process?

For you to get good suppliers who can come up with the best materials for your construction process, you need to know the structure of the building prior to its construction. Since there are different areas of expertise that have to be addressed, it is important to get decisions from every individual concerned. Their input and views will help in ensuring that the right products are selected for the construction.

 Select the material you want to use

Deciding on the types of materials to use will help you prioritize on the most important resources, and assign budget to the materials based on their value.

Pitfalls to avoid in the material selection process

  • Lack of longevity

The budget should be prioritized in terms of high traffic areas. You should take time to understand the longevity of the products for the location they are being used to avoid incurring frequent maintenance costs

  • Long lead times

Some materials, especially the ones originating from Europe have long lead times. This can slow down your construction process especially when you are working on tight schedules. Materials with long lead times can lead to difficulties in initial installation and replacements 

  • Selecting unhealthy products

It is important to get suppliers who can supply you with the best product that will not be hazardous to the environment, people using them and most importantly the occupants of the buildings, who are the school children in this case.

Factors to consider when getting building materials


  • Get the right supplier

The building supplies services you choose for your construction is important in determining the quality of materials you use. You should select a supplier who is in a position to supply good and quality services to compliment the building.

  • Cost

The supplier you choose should offer competitive rates. As much as it is not advisable to use cheap products, it is good to find good products that suit your budget and have indisputable value.  

  • Durability

The type of materials you select for your building should be long lasting. They should also be resistant to decay, environmental hazards and weather conditions.

  • Maintenance

The best materials should be easy to maintain. Maintaining your building is recommended since it makes the structure look good and attractive for a long period of time. Good and quality building materials usually require less maintenance than their counterparts.




Removing services That Knows How to Speak Bangla

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In today’s global and modernized world, one will find that people speaking many languages, whose first language is not English living in the community. Although, English is widely spoken and it is a global language, people still find it comfortable and easy to speak in their native languages as it helps to communicate more without any hassle and naturally. There are removalists who know how to speak in various native languages, such as Bangla. For those people who speak Bangla, they will find these types of removalists very helpful and they can communicate without any hassle. To help one out, this article will take a look at removing services that knows how to speak Bangla.

How to check if the removalist can speak in Bangla and its advantages:

  • When one is picking the removalists services and if they are comfortable in speaking in Bangla, they will need to check if the removalists can communicate in Bangla or not. Communicating in the native language, such as Bangla, helps the person to specify the needs and requirements that is required during the moving services It is very important to have a good communication with the removals service that they are taking the services from, as good communication leads to better and enhanced services. Without the proper communication, the removal service will not be able to understand and offer the experience that the customer is generally looking for.
  • Although one may be fluent in English, there are natives who find it easier and more comfortable to communicate in their native languages. There may be some people who may also be able to communicate in English, but with their native languages, they are able to understand better and offer more information, when it comes to taking any specific services. Also, if the removalists knows how to speak the native language and if they find it difficult to understand or they want to know more and clear instructions from the customer, they will find it easier to offer the services in an enhanced manner.
  • Not every removalists knows how to speak the specific native languages and this is why one should make sure that the removalist service knows how to specific language. One can either find this information from the website, or they can also call up the service to know if they can communicate with the specific language or not. This will help one to select the specific language and the service.

How to find the removalist can speak Bangla or not?

  • It is very easy to find the removal service that offers the services and speaks the relevant language. One of the easiest ways to look for this type of service that speaks the specific language is to google about the removalist service that speaks the specific language, such as Bangla. Another way to look for such type of service is to get the suggestions from friends and family who may have taken the services from such removalists and this is another easy way to find such removalist services.

How to Promote Hot Water Repairs as Part of Your Online Business

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Today, the promotion of an online business will be of great help to start-up companies that want to make a difference in the niche they belong to, like water repair services for instance. Good thing, there are so many ways for promotion to take place. There are too many options, but no one has to be overwhelmed with them. In the promotion of hot water repairs, there are methods which can be implemented easily for those who are willing. For beginners, it will be necessary to follow important facts about this.


Ways for Easy Implementation of Online Businesses

Anyone who is clueless should not find it hard to promote their business if they know what they are doing. These are some that can be done in order to get this right:

  1. One good way to promote an online business is to have stuff on the web posted. There are forums out there that are meant to specialize in the niche that you are in, including water repairs. With that, you will be able to find discussions that a person knows things about. When it comes to posting on these forums, it is best to be reminded that advertising a website as a whole may not be proper. The goal why one posts on a forum is to give individuals useful information about a certain topic. This can be placed on the website and in the signature too. That can work. The moment people have the right information about a particular topic, they may click on the source. That is the goal here.
  2. Another great way to promoting a business is to promote the business line through the utilization of direct mail. Of course, this can be possible too. Maybe, there are people who wonder why they would go throwing expenses in the creation of materials. The same is also true in the posting of them so that they can become cheaper. However, the reason for this is that it will not have as many competitions as that of the others. This can be avoided. There can also be a list of people who show interest in the industry one promotes. This is a start. The creation of postcards in advertising a website can sense that this may be cheaper. People will be given the chance to actually read them. It has to be ensured though that the postcards given to people are free such as eBook, newsletters and reports. The competition here is lower. Targeted marketing can be a way to promote then.
  3. Lastly, do not fail to promote your business through the creation of viral reports. This should happen. The reason why this is termed as viral report is that this is going to spread through the internet. It may be like a virus, that is for sure. The key to having reports spread all over the web is that this can be a good information to a report. This is also like a free permission to people. Take this!