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Welcome, we – Bangla Proshar Committee – plan to make this site a veritable source of information and enjoyment for Bengali speaking people of the world, especially who are living in Australia.

Our emphasis will always be on the next generation as the Bangla Proshar Committee’s raison d’etre is to ensure that Bengali is available as a language to learn so that they have options to explore the vast amount of splendid literary, musical and cinematic contents that already exists in Bangla.

Seven things you ought to know about Bangla:

  • Bangla (or Bengali) is the official language of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India.
  • About 220 million people in Bangladesh and India speak Bangla as their mother tongue and are known as Bengalis which makes Bangla the fifth most widely spoken language in the world
  • The world marks 21st February each year as the International Mother Language Day as a recognition of Bengali people’s strife to retain Bangla as the official language of the-then East Pakistan that culminated into a bloody confrontation on 21st February, 1952.
  • Bangla has its roots in Sanskrit, a now-extinct language that is the precursor of all Indic languages.
  • There are 12 vowels and 40 consonants in Bangla.
  • Rabindranath Tagore, the great Bengali poet, was awarded Nobel prize in literature as far back as in 1913, becoming the first recipient of the prize outside Europe and North America.
  • Satyajit Ray, the award winning filmmaker, made all his movies in Bangla.

Featuring Bangla Speaking Businesses Of Australia

Every genuine countryman always misses the country no matter where in this world they stay.  When the Bengalis from Bangladesh, as well as from India live far away from their root, they still miss each and everything belongs to the country very much. They miss the chances to have the authentic foods, clothes and many other things same as their languages, festivities, and cultures. To reduce the pain of missing the country of the Bengalis while staying in Australia, many trading houses started their businesses in all around the Australia to make the Bengalis happy and nostalgic. Here through this article, you would know some amazing features of Bangla speaking businesses which are running in Australia with great success. Just check out below:


Sells All The Authentic Products

The Bangla speaking business houses sells all the authentic products related to Bangladesh and the West Bengal, India. From food to clothes, from daily using stuff to absolutely unusual things; you can purchase anything from the Bangla speaking business houses in Australia.

Here below check the products you can avail from the Bangla speaking trading companies:

  • You can buy the authentic Bengali fishes, as well as raw fishes from the business houses.
  • Multiple types of traditional clothes such as saris, dhotis, and shawls too you can purchase from them.
  • The saris are having a specialty like tangaeel, baluchori, handloom saris and last but not the least the Dhakai Jamdani. When it comes to men’s dressing products, you can avail even the khadi materials from here.
  • The Bangla speaking business houses sell all the accessories which are the Bengali women’s accessories for showcasing their chastity such as indoors and the bangles.
  • Many ayurvedic medicines you can avail from these business houses.
  • Some Bangla speaking trading companies sell household stuff which is absolutely trustworthy and originally belong to the Bangladesh or West Bengal, India.

Costs Are Absolutely Affordable

The Bangla speaking business companies sell the products at an absolutely reasonable price. The products are hard to find in any other markets in Australia, yet the trading houses do not make them highly expensive for their country people. The products are minutely expensive rather than the country’s local market as because they are exported and imported and paying the service taxes in the airports.

Provide As Per Customers Need

The trading companies are highly friendly with their customers and always keep their customers need in mind. More than selling a product they are trying to fulfill their customers’ requirements. So, if a product is not available to them, they try to import them   from the country. Customers need is the main priority to these Bangla speaking trading companies.

Provide The Items On Time

The companies not only purchases the products from the country they provide the items on time as per the needs. If it is highly urgent, then they try to buy the products as soon as possible.

These are the features of the Bangla speaking trading companies in Australia. Their unique qualities of business not only help them to earn money but also boost up the business success to a greater extent.